Insane in the Membrane

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Section 1

Membranes and membrane Proteins

Introduction to the membrane

The cell is a complicated capsule which contains a myriad of biomolecules performing complex functions. The membrane is the "passive" barrier which seperates the cell within from the world without. All interactions between the cell and the outside world occur via the membrane. As one might imagine, many critical biological processes happen directly within the membrane and are mediated by membrane proteins. This course is designed to give you an in depth look at the biological processes of the membrane and the membrane proteins that carry them out.

Jan 15

Reading:Biomembranes Chapt 1


Query 1


Explain the Singer and Nicolson fluid mosaic model of the membrane and higlight its significants?


Jan 17

Reading:Biomembranes Chapt 2


Query 2


What is the liquid crystalline state of a membrane and why is it important? What effect does cholesterol have on the gel to liquid crystalline phase transition?