Insane in the Membrane

a biofizz production

Section 4

Photosynthesis and photoactive MPs 2

Feb 12

Reading 1:PSI and PSII




Query 9


What role does the ferridoxin or flavodoxin play in the photosynthetic cycle of PSI?



Query 10


What is the overall chemical reaction that PSII performs and how much energy is available from this chemical reaction(at standard state biochemical, pH7)?


Feb 14

Reading 2: LHCI and  LHCII





Query 11


Explain the two primary absorption bands in the LH3 B800 complex?



Query 12


Some models of the LH1 RC complex envision the RC enveloped within the LH1 ring. In light of the overall reaction to produce a proton gradient how might this model be problematic.