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Rapid Peptide Synthesis

We can provide milligram quantities of your target peptide in 2-3 weeks.

Purity > 95%
No peptide no charge
Phosphorylation, amidation, biotinylation etc.
Nonnatural amino acids
Linear and cyclic peptides


Analytical and Bulk Purification

The core maintains both analytical and preparative purification equipment suitable for milligram to gram scale isolation of peptides.

Agilent 1100, autosampler, DAD
Waters Prep HPLC


Mass Spectral Characterization

All peptides are fully characterized by LC-MS/MS.

Complete MS report
Parent ion
Digestion and fragment ID


Peptide Synthesis Training

We provide complete training in peptide synthesis, purificaiton and characterization.

Synthesizer training
HPLC training
LC-MS/MS training